"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."

~David Alan Harvey

About Me

Hi, my name is Al, short for Allissa. My grandfather's name was Albert, he also went by Al. I love that we shared that. It's something small, but it's those little things that connect us to our past that are the most fascinating.


So why am I here?  Some years ago a client told me that all her two year old son had been doing lately was sticking out his tongue and she hoped he didn't do it for pictures. But of course he did because he was two! When I presented her the finished images she couldn't help but smile and laugh at his tongue sticking out, saying she would forever remember something about her son she may have forgotten years into the future. I realized then that I wanted to capture not only a beautiful photograph but how it felt at that exact moment.  

There is a photography quote that has come to have a lot of meaning for me, "F8 and be there." Don't worry, I won't bore you with the photography jargon explanation, I'll just tell you what it means. It's about getting out there and being prepared to get the shot and getting it in focus. But for me it's also about being present, always watching for those tiny moments that help bring life into focus. I can't wait to capture your moments in time that will help you remember something you may have forgotten years into the future.   

I am located in Northborough Massachusetts and will travel throughout New England to work with you!

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